The alignment of AXIS CORPORATE’s work with the objectives set out by the company were spot on.Development Director Leading bank in Spain
Collaborating with AXIS CORPORATE has allowed us to identify parts of processes that were not smooth enough.Joan Maria Diu
Fiscal CouncillorEl Vendrell Council
The reality is that the objective was achieved. For me, that is the most important. Carlos Mengual
Working with Ex-Im Bank allows our clients to access funding avenues that are not available in Spain, due to the risk criteria and methodology used, and at reduced costs compared with the national market.Albert Salvadó
CEOCapital Desk, S.L.
There is an aspect which I value highly and that is “background leadership” which AXIS CORPORATE employ. It gives everyone in the company the sense that we ourselves are carrying out the change. And that’s what makes it easy: becoming the protagonist of the change allows you to embrace it and become emotionally linked to its success.Javier Pérez Cantó
The Ex-Im programs AXIS CORPORATE facilitated for us will allow us to finance in a cost-effective way the modernisation of the co-generation plant with a high technology, energy efficient turbine.Julio Berdejo
CFOAlier S.A.
One of the reasons we have repeatedly used AXIS CORPORATE is because we like their approach, it suits us. It’s a tough method in that the implementation means rolling up your sleeves, getting into all levels of the organisation, and discussing it with people so that they change the way they work.José María González
When we did undertook the project with AXIS CORPORATE, we thought that we needed to give ourselves a push, to accelerate, to change some working methods in order to adapt and evolve. The work allowed us to gain a boost, take this growth on board and successfully get where we have done today. In our case, the experience with AXIS CORPORATE was very good.Raúl Serrano
Recurring Services Director Securitas Direct
AXIS CORPORATE gave precise answers as regards to timing, method, and process.Fernando de la Cruz
Corporate Finance and Human Resources Director The Eat Out Group
During restructuring, people deserve things to be done well and respectfully. AXIS CORPORATE have helped us and been our partner throughout.HR Director
HR Director Industrial Company
AXIS CORPORATE has collaborated in the definition and implementation of the main relationship processes with our subscribers. As a result we have achieved a 50% improvement in the quality perceived by the subscriber has been achieved. Pere Guardiola
CEOLa Vanguardia